Pooli is an iPhone app.

Pooli is an e-commerce platform.

Pooli offers a solution for our users by letting them pool their orders.

- Concept Ideation -

The concept of Pooli is offering a solution for the users by letting them pool their orders. By connecting online shoppers, Pooli brings bigger deals to them and also creates a new daily habit for the customers and merchant partners.

Building for the long term, Pooli is not just an iphone app. It is an e-commerce platform. To provide the web buyers a great experience, Pooli leverages the company’s global relationships and scale to offer consumers a vast marketplace of unbeatable deals all over the world.

Based on this theory, we start this project at a point where hypothetically we have already had a strong marketing team, a professional developer team and also a lot of pick-up spots located around NYC Metro stations.

- User Profile -

Target users are those who are New Yorkers, online shoppers, Metro riders and most importantly those who want to get a great deal.

Potential partners are online shopping retailers.

- Engagement Strategy -

Search-Pool-Join-Wait-Pick Up

This engagement strategy focused on targeting online comestic shoppers and keeping them engaged in the pool order experience. The app attracts users by providing related deals and hot deals from other users.

- Sketching App Map -

Based on the concepts and user scenarios, we then proceeded to sketch the interactions.

- Sketching Wireframes -

We assume that our users have already known what they want to buy and have already found the product online. They only need to enter the product url in our app. We can get all the product info via this url. Here we had a question: what is the most user-friendly way to enter a url in this app? The first idea we got is “Copy and Paste”. We design a url input bar on the top of the main view.

View the Wireframe

We realized that online shoppers would prefer searching for a product on a computer rather than a smartphone via our test during class. This changed the whole thing. We have to redesign the approach of entering a url. Therefore, in the second version of our wireframe, users can enter a product url by either “Copy and Paste” or “Scan”. By “Scan”, we mean using your phone to scan a url on your laptop browser. We leave the implementation of this important and innovative interaction to our wonderful developer team.

- High Fidelity Screens -