COSMOS is a multiplayer video game insipired from THREE BODY, a Chinese sci-fiction.

- Project Statement -


In meteorology, visibility is a measure of the distance at which an object or light can be clearly discerned. It always binds with the sense of security. Without the visibility or with a limited visibility, people hardly assess the situation around themselves and easily feel the pressure from the unknown. This project is a multiplayer strategy game about the relationship between the entire universe and individual civilization. In history, human beings are exploring the unknown and dark universe to find our alien friends. Until now we are still the only known existent civilization. By a good usage of the visibility in the game design, it could bring a special experience and build up a narrative strategy with ease.

- Who Will Play -

I focus on 15 - 35 years old sci-fi fans as my target user group. This group loves video games. Playing games are a normal way to get relaxed from their busy lives, and create social activities with friends.

- Game Concept -


According to the Dark Forest, each player would be a lonely hunter who are exploring in the dark and unlimited environment. There is no communication between the players.


As a hunter, the player needs to be careful of the environment. When and how to hide could be the significant key in this game.


Staying in a safe area could be a good strategy to protect oneself. However, the energy would be very limited. Moving around can increase opportunities to gain energy, but it will also increase the risk of being discovered.

- Rules -

- Play Test -