UNTITLED is a project that I collaborated with Ye Han for Designing for Usability class at Parsons the New School for Design. It's an envisioned project that serves to bring artists and galleries together in order to help artists promoting themselves and getting involved in the art field.

- Project Background -

Young artists cannot find an efficient way to promote themselves into the art world. A need to build up a bridge between the artists and the gallery so that more young artists have the change to be involved in the art world.

- Target Audiences -

The target audiences of this project are artists and curator who are seeking for efficient communication. We interviewed a few artists and curators in order to see the connection between each group. Based on this interview we come out User Profile and User Connection Analysis.

Through the analysis of user connection, we find:

  • Curators and galleries have very closer relationship.
  • Galleries don't want to hear from artists as much, but artists want to connact galleries to get signed.
  • Curators are less interested in hearing from artists, but artists need to know curators.

- Hypothesis -

The way artists promote themselves are not as efficient as it can get.

- Heuristic Evaluation -

We compared 6 different art-related platform to conduct a heuristic evaluation. the score system is from 1-5, 1 is the lowest while 5 is the highest. It is based on the functions of Log in/ Register, Navigation, Menu, Submenu, Feed, Search, and Detailed information.

- User Flow -

- Wire Frame -

- UI -