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UX Improvement for a Mobile  Banking Experience

2023-Current, UX & UI,


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Add the contextual help content to CIBC native mobile app and online banking experience to minimize the stress of customer centre.

Based on the metrics that our product owner provides to us, we see most users have difficulties of obtaining contextual help information during bill payment, e-transfer, management transaction, ect.. Then 80% of them who experiencing these relevant confusions will call customer centre directly. To reduce customer centre received calls, we are asked to find the best solution merging contextual help content into the current production. The design scope includes CIBC online banking and CIBC native app.


Limited entry points guide users to the FAQ flow in holistic experience.

Through our research, we figured user could only access the FAQ flow in very limited entry points.


In CIBC mobile banking app, the help resources are only listed in the main menu (on the app's landing screen). Similar with that, the online banking only provides helpful links in its left menu. In this case, quitting from the current experience (such as bill payment and e-transfer experience) to obtain helpful infos is the only solution if the user gets a confusion during certain experience.

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No dedicated contextual help info in the existing production.

Another problem we realized is: both CIBC mobile app and CIBC online banking only provide generic help content to users. Although the help information is sorted into a few categories ( such as bank account, credit cards, mortgages and loans, investments, and so on), users often expects for a dedicated help content which is relevant with their current action directly.

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Very less users use the chatbot feature seeking for a help.

There is no doubt about the virtual assistant's huge potential. Especially for a digital banking experience, a 24/7 conversational chatbot can provide a larger help than our imagination. But before that, we need to increase the usage frequency of the chatbot feature.


According to the metrics provided by our business partner, the chatbot feature wasn't triggered as much as we expected in current production. Obviously, a chat icon in the head navigation is not clear enough to indicate users how to start with a chatbot. Therefore, designing a promotion for the chatbot to increase the user engagement is also in the task scope.

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Craft Wireframe

Final UX Artifacts

Feedback and Improvement

UI Deliver

Design Challenges

After reviewing the collected data, I decided to depict the British Mad Cow Disease Crisis through three stories:

A story is about how the Mad Cow Disease became a popular topic in The Guardian, even the advertising mentioned it to promote goods and service! 

A story to reveal the correlation between the news media's interest in Mad Cow Disease and the spread of Mad Cow Disease. 

And, the last story reveals how the news media and public tend to be more and more comfortable to use BSE (bovine spongiform encephalopathy) rather than Mad Cow Disease.


The Decade of Mad Cow Disease


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